Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel my subscription?

It's easy! In your order confirmation email, click the link that says "Manage My Account." Then, click the button that says "Cancel My Subscription." And, voila! It's canceled. 

When can I cancel my subscription?

At anytime. However, if your box has already shipped for the month, you will not be able to cancel your subscription until the next month.

How will I know when my box ships?

You'll receive an email when your box ships. Shipping typically takes 3 to 4 days within the continental U.S. 

Who created the content in the box?

Renowned marriage experts from First Things First, an organization that teaches healthy relationship skills.

Fun fact:

When you buy The NewlyWed Box, you're providing access to healthy relationship skills for couples and families. The NewlyWed Box provides funding for First Things First to provide programming and resources.

When will I receive my box?

The NewlyWed Box ships 2 times a month: The 12th and 24th. If these dates fall on a weekend, the shipment will go out on the next business day. This means you should receive your box within 7-10 business days of your order.

Is there a cut-off to receive the current month's box?

Yes. To receive the current month's box, orders must be placed by the 24th. Any orders placed after the 24th will receive the next month's box, shipped on the 12th.

What types of activities & items should I expect in each box?

Each box is filled with surprises, but you can see what’s coming up in each box by reading the “So, What’s Inside?” section on the homepage.

I’m buying as a gift. Will my friend know it’s from me?

Absolutely. During checkout, you'll be prompted to tell us "who the gift is from." If you have anything additional you'd like to say, let us know in the "comments" section of the checkout form.

Is the NewlyWed Box for every couple?

Definitely. If your newly married within the first 5 years, or you’re about to take the plunge of “I do” forever, The NewlyWed Box is a great way to build a strong foundation for your marriage from the start. It’s fresh, engaging and a little bit sassy with a different element of marriage explored each month.


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