Just because you are totally in love and obsessed with your spouse doesn't necessarily mean you will always be on the same page. You are two different people and the chances are that the ways you communicate are very different. Working to strengthen your communication will help you both have an amazing marriage in and outside the bedroom. ;)

The box includes: multiple communication activities that will test your communication skills, the newlywed game, and insights on how to handle communication killers in marriages.


Understanding your spouses needs

Sometime how you show love for your spouse is not how they want to receive your love. Understanding how to satisfy someonelses needs can be challenging but is essential in helping you start your happily ever after. 

The box includes: a "I love you because" chalkboard, 2 plant kits, 2 head scratchers, and some great tips on understanding your spouses needs. 



Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Focus on what's important in your marriage, and pretty soon everything will look a little smaller. (Except for the stuff you want to stay big. That's up to you :)   

The box includes: a pet peeves journal for two, an exclusive newlywed board game with real-life scenarios, fresh traditional style popcorn, sweet and snarky coloring pages for couples and MORE!


Dating your Spouse

You were probably the expert date planner when you first started dating. Those dates are what helped you both to get to know each other and fall intimately in love with each other. Once you get married it is important to keep that aspect of your life alive. 

The box includes: a star gazing kit, a list of world class dates, everything you need for an epic scavenger hunt, the ultimate date guide, water guns to keep it playful and more. 



Intimacy in your marriage

Everyday life and good sex go hand-in-hand. This box is all about what makes an awesome, amazing, mind-blowing marriage? Discover how to keep the fire burning for a lifetime and keys to a smokin’ hot marriage.

The box includes: bath bombs, flavored chapstick, a box with over 20 different ways to kiss, massage oil, and some fun suprises. 



What about the money, honey? 

Studies show that finances are the number one thing couples fight over. When couples marry they often bring with them very different habits on how they handle money. Having honest conversations on how you want to handle money in your home will help to keep your stress levels low. 

The box includes: money habitudes game, money soap, seeds to grow your own money plant, all out of checklist and some awesome advice on how to get your marriage off to a great financial start. 




Couples that play together stay together. This box is all about the importance of play for adults. Learn all about how to have an adventurous marriage. You committed yourself to someone, mine as well make it fun. 

The box includes: two NWB mugs, a sex jar (that is all we can say on that), a guide to map play in your marriage, pillow talk cards and more. 



Legacy & Traditions

Be intentional about your families legacy... 

The box includes: a leather journal, a recipe card (to start a new tradition), our family journal, and more. 







In-laws and Outlaws

Many couples hit the lottery when it come to in-laws but on the other hand many couples struggle to navigate their relationships with their pesky in-laws. Figuring out how to best get along with your in-laws will save your family a lot of frustration. 

The box includes